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Adult Guardianship

Let Us Be Your Advocate to Help Make the Right Decisions for Your Loved One.


When loved ones can no longer make sound decisions regarding their health or finances, someone has to step up to help them. If Power of Attorney forms have not been completed, a Guardian might be necessary.

In the State of Illinois, there are two basic types of guardianship: "Guardianship of the Person" (medical decisions) and "Guardianship of the Estate” (financial decisions). Applying to the court to be a Guardian over a loved one can be a hard, emotional decision. Sometimes family conflicts arise or the loved one is not cooperative. Our vision, as always, is to preserve as much independence for our vulnerable seniors as possible.  We have extensive experience in the guardianship courts and can help you review the facts, prepare the best case for court and come up with a plan that protects the rights of all parties.

Call us for a complimentary discussion about:

  • What you’re experiencing and the causes for concern.
  • The role and responsibilities of a Guardian.
  • Costs and who pays for the Guardianship.
  • Emergency or Temporary Guardianships.
  • Whether you need to be Guardian of the Person or Guardian of the Estate – or both – for your loved ones.
  • From Kate’s experience, what are the criteria the Judges consider to establish a guardianship and what does a “care plan” for the person under guardianship look like.
  • How The Law Office of Kate Curler can help.