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Estate Planing

Planning for the Life You Want to Live


Putting together a powerful Estate Plan is the best way to avoid the costly stresses of probate court for your loved ones after your passing. We also help you to focus on the best plan during your lifetime as well. We work closely with our clients to draft individualized Power of Attorney documents and that meet their goals for living independently and getting the best care possible. For example, our Power of Attorney documents will give your Agent authority to get a second opinion or move you from a bad hospital or nursing home, without court intervention.

The documents we draft give our clients piece of mind by ensuring their wishes and values will be respected and that, when the time comes, the people they entrust with their care and their estates will be empowered advocates for them during their lifetime and honor their memory, after their passing.

Our practice in Elder Law makes us your best resource when it comes to estate planning and long-term care planning. Our role as attorney advocates for our clients allows us to focus on building long-term relationships. We can help with:

  • Creating wills and living wills.
  • Drafting a Power of Attorney for Property so your advocate can handle assets and investments and apply for benefit programs.
  • Drafting a Power of Attorney for Health Care so your advocate can handle your end of life wishes, get second opinions from doctors, or move you to a better hospital or nursing home.
  • Set forth your choice of Guardian for living dependents.
  • Naming an Executor of your estate to oversee the terms of the will or a Trustee to administer a trust.
  • Setting up funeral arrangements.

Contact us to learn more and get the peace of mind that comes with having a plan in place.