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Caregiver Coaching

Compassionate Support for the Most Difficult Job You'll Ever Have


Crises happen unexpectedly by nature. In an instant, our relationship with our loved ones can be changed forever. It's an emotional and stressful transition. We know because we've been there. We understand the conflicting emotions and the responsibilities that come with role of caregiver and that sinking feeling when the legal documents you thought you could turn to for a plan, end up being nothing but paper.

Our Process

We meet with you, over the phone or in person, and help you come up with a plan and what steps to take to solve problems, find solutions and move your situation forward to the best result for your or your loved one.  

The Law Office of Kate Curler offers Caregiver Coaching to help you manage the overwhelm you're feeling and give you the tools and knowledge to:

  • Understand your role and the legal rights and responsibilities involved with being an Agent under a Power of Attorney or a family caregiver.
  • Make a plan of care for your loved one.
  • Navigate family conflicts over the choices made for your loved one
  • Protect yourself when you are handling assets or investments of a loved one.
  • Make appropriate choices when your loved one and you are in conflict.
  • Get the right resources to help you make decisions and execute the best plan for your loved one.

Too many times, family caregivers try to take on multiple roles – attorney, doctor, nurse, and home care agency – and lose the ability to just be a daughter, granddaughter, best friend, spouse or niece. Call us to get the support you need so you can get back into the role of just “being there” for your loved one..