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The Law Office of Kate Curler

The Law Office of Kate Curler is a law practice focused on serving the needs of senior citizens and their families. Our philosophy is based on our founder, Kate Curler’s, experience as a caregiver. We understand the emotional impact of caring for a loved one and the difficulty of trying to make informed decisions about finances, healthcare, and legal matters. We've been there. 

The legal services we offer are Elder Law, Guardianship, Probate, Estate Planning, and Power of Attorney Documents. But what makes us different is that we don’t stop there. We also offer true advocacy for struggling caregivers and clients with a vision that all people live independently, as long as possible.  

For caregivers, we offer advocacy service and Caregiver Coaching to help them create and execute a plan for their loved one. We help clients make tough choices about senior living or nursing home placement. In our role as attorney advocates, we fight for clients in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals and with insurance companies. We treat clients with compassion and use our legal and advocacy skills to help them plan for the future and navigate the health and legal issues that come with aging or disability. We offer:

  • Home, hospital and facility visits

  • Flexible hours

  • Reasonable rates

  • Weekend appointments

  • Compassionate Counsel



For immediate assistance and a complimentary legal consultation, email us at, contact us or call Kate directly at 312-952-1077.

Senior Advocacy

Get someone in your corner. Advocating for our clients and their loved ones is at the heart of our practice. We have been there and will work tirelessly to get the right resources in place to ensure you or your loved has the care and quality of life they deserve. We are attorney advocates who put our legal skills and real life experience to work for you.

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Independent Living, Assisted Living and Nursing Home Placement/Contracts

The move to a nursing home or assisted living facility can happen suddenly and feel out of control. When nursing home care is poor, caregivers struggle with an uphill battle to move a loved one to a new facility.  Independent Living or Assisted Living contracts can be overwhelming and have complicated provisions. Caregivers are often thrust into the position of having to make difficult decisions they are not prepared to make. Let us be your advocate and work with you so you can make an informed decision.

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Caregiver Coaching

Are you a caregiver or an agent under a Power of Attorney document? Are you feeling overwhelmed? We understand the pressure you're under and can explain to you without any legalese what your role, legal rights, and responsibilities are. Most importantly, our advocate attorneys offer support so that you can focus on being there for your loved one.

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Adult Guardianship

Applying to the court to be the guardian over a friend or family member can be an incredibly difficult and emotional decision. Sometimes family conflicts arise or the vulnerable senior isn't cooperative. At the Law Office of Kate Curler, our vision is that all people live independently as long as possible and have a voice in the decisions about their lives. We have extensive experience in the guardianship courts and can help you review the facts, prepare the best case for court and come up with a plan that protects the rights of all parties.

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Estate Planning and Power of Attorney documents

What would you like to happen with your estate once you are gone? Would you like to avoid the costly process of a court probate? What kind of end of life care best fits with your values? During your lifetime, do you want your loved ones to be able to fight for you to get the best medical care, without court intervention? What are your goals for living independently? We can help you answer those questions and draft the document to ensure your wishes are met.

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Probate is the court process that happens after an individual dies, when they did not put together a proper Estate Plan in their lifetime. Probate can be stressful, costly and confusing. At the Law Office of Kate Curler, we will  work with you to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible.

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Elder Law

Avoid the curve balls thrown by Medicare, Medicaid and other senior benefit systems. For most Americans, nursing home care is paid for by Medicaid Long Term Care. Through Medicaid Planning, we will help you to preserve as many assets as you can for loved ones, including protecting spouses still living at home. We can also help you access Veteran’s Benefits pension money to pay for medications or for home care, to live independently as long as possible. Our attorney advocates can help you navigate the legal challenges of growing older and better understand the benefits you are entitled to.

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